Opium Warrior graphic, with "The Kickass" emblazed up the side. No, the Opium Warrior printed below the image does not appear on the finished Tee Shirt.
Opium Warrior
KAT2012 Tee shirts $10.00 + 2.99 shipping - S, M, L, XL
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Our Famous "Glam Shot"
Order the Full length CD - "Death Metal is for Pussies" $10.00 plus 2.99 shipping Item BFM014 - Full length CD - Death Metal is for Pussies
10 Tracks - Debut CD
 $10.00 + 2.99 Shipping
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SCD-2012  Split CD - 3 songs each, The Kickass & Continent - Don't Cry for Me Japan $ 7.00 + 2.99 shipping Order the Split CD, The Kickass and Continent - "Don't Cry for Me Japan" - only $ 7.00 plus 2.99 shipping
Limited Time Only
Special Limited Time Offer - Both CD's
"Death Metal is for Pussies" &
"Split CD with The Kickass and Continent"
at the low price of only $15.00 offer will expire without notice when a specified number of copies have been depleted.
Limited Time Only
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